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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 3, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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plan. frab cyst will take part on saturday and sunday and 10,000 more ticket will be made available for pope's speech at independent hall on saturday. 10,000 more will be made a available for family festival saturday night, as well as for the papal mass, sunday afternoon. papal parade, means especially for saturday, for the 26th, everybody who gathers on the ben franklin parkway will have an opportunity to see pope francis. >> local parishes are hoping to get their hand on some of those extra tickets. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is live on the parkway with new details, greg. >> reporter: good afternoon there, guess contact we are here at 20th street and parkway. let me paint this picture for you n3 weeks this place will be packed with tens of thousands of people, in fact, pope will be holding mass right there that sunday. besides their love for pope francis all of the folks in this area will have another thing in common. that is they will have to be
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ticketed. this is a secure ticketed zone but with 30,000 additional tickets released over the course of that weekend, some local parishes are really trying to get their hand on some of those. during sunday's mass september o say you won't this be close to the pope. especially since the secret service announced tickets are required forget nothing to the secured area around the art museum. >> yeah. >> as close as we can get. >> reporter: we caught up with father chris walsh, the pastor in mt. airy, as he scoped out area near 20th street and the parkway. >> trying to figure out how to get our folks here. we have been allotted 66 tickets. >> reporter: with trouble decide hog in his parish gets them he is hoping his church will be offered more. >> i'm really hoping somehow i get another 66 or so, so that everyone who comes, will be here. >> reporter: wednesday secret service released a pedestrian walking map for the event detailing where security
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entrances will be and warning people they could end up walking three to 4 miles to get to their location. >> will there been stress? anxiety? sure. but will it all be worth it? certainly. >> we helped the concerns. we're or that i people were concerned. i personally am sorry. >> reporter: even with the uncertainty of the tickets and certain stress that will come with the heavy security presence father walsh believes the papal presence will trump any problem. >> woman says, you know, child birth was difficult, being pregnant was painful but once you hold the baby in your arms it the is all worthwhile. that sunday afternoon everyone in philadelphia and beyond will realize, it is well worthwhile. >> reporter: now the releasing those 30,000 additional tickets, world meeting of families director donna ferrell announced two papal parades that will not only go through ticketed areas but areas that are not ticketed. so the entire goal of those parades toys make sure many people see pope francis, and
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experience that event. we are live here on the parkway, i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks for the update. stay with "eyewitness news" for latest on the papal visit and world meeting of families. when we're not here on tv you can find all you need on cbs breaking news right now five rutgers football players have been suspended from the team and now are facing criminal charges. twenty year-old defensive back andre boggs from coatsville is charged in two home invasion robberies. other four suspects are facing charges of aggravated assault, riot and conspiracy to commit a riot for a fight that left a man with the broken jaw. as eagles take to the field tonight for their final preseason game, many fans are talking about tim tebow and how this could be his last shot in the nfl. >> tebow is competing with matt barclay for eagles backup quarterback position. tebow is popular, very popular, with the fans, eagles pro shop at lincoln financial field is sold out of his number one jersey. fans are mixed about what
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coach chip kelly should do. >> i would keep barclay. >> i'm an eagles fan because of tim tebow. >> do you hope he stays on the team. >> i hope so. >> keep tebow, he brings fans in. more money. selling jerseys. keep him. >> we will see. roster cuts two days away. team has to get down to 53 players. tonight a lot of questions will be answered about the eagles final roster and their final preseason game against the j-e-t-s, jets. >> a lot of the fans watching closely to see who will be the eagles third string quarterback tebow or barclay. leslie van arsdal is live, in new jersey with more on this, leslie. >> reporter: well, guys, so many story lines but yes, that is the the major story line. they are behind me as we speak, tim tebow and matt barclay, they are together on the field. during the game matt barclay will start, tebow would like to play second half, both played well this preseason in an effort to claim that third quarterback spot on the roster.
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barclay's number yes, they are better but tebow could bring an important element to the offence with the running ability and both players very a aware of how important tonight is. >> just to be consistent, just to be accurate and my decision making show them that i can play quarterback for this team. >> it is important to cover every single day and that is just one more day. it is another blessing. it is an opportunity to play the game that i love. >> reporter: barclay and tebow walked out on the field together a few moments ago. the two are very good friend, so, of course, this all adds to the drama of who will be the third string quarterback. ukee and jessica back to you. tebow can do too many things. i wouldn't be surprised if chip find a way to keep them both. >> thanks, leslie. heat wave number five continues, on another hot
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september day. but there is some relief on the way. we will get out to meteorologist justin drabick live on the cbs-3 sky deck with a first look at your forecast, justin. >> final day of this heat wave but there may be another one in our forecast but this one going out with a bang, hottest day of the year was today. we did make it to 96 degrees, still warm and muggy on the sky deck. 14 degrees above that. in 2015. here we are around the region other high temperatures pretty impressive. wilmington 96. the atlantic city airport ties a record at 95. forty-nine in trenton. ninety-three in reading. forty-nine in philadelphia. ninety-one millville and wilmington delaware. eighty-eight in allentown. relief at the shore. the is there wind off the ocean water in the mid 70's. air temperatures in the low to mid 80's. we have a north breeze but not cooling us down just yet. eventually that north wind will bring in cooler air. couple showers and thunderstorms moving out of the poconos in northampton
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county. watch out around nazareth, 191, 512 could be rough with heavier downpours. throughout the evening 90 degrees. but 7:00 we are still in the 80's. we will talk about changes for those holiday weekend plans in a few more minutes, back to you. >> see you shortly. road reopened after multi vehicle accident in woolwich township stopped traffic. chopper three over the accident on route 322 on oak rhode island. we are told by police five vehicles were involved. four people have been taken to the hospital. the at the moment there is no word on their conditions. still to come tonight, we know it takes a brave person to be a marine. >> well, a local marine takes a big chance on social media reaching out to one of the tough woes man around. find out if ufc champ rhonda rousey said yes to his request for a special date, torey. we are live down the shore, at george's right on seventh and the boardwalk in ocean city and bus untiling there. you better get to work, bren a.
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i'm up next. i will challenge you coming up. if the ready for it. coming up. might want to step aside
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it is summer season coming to a close a new season begins. one for fall allergies. health reporter stephanie stahl explains why you need to take action right now tonight at 11:00. lets look live now in ocean city, new jersey. we are coming up on the labor day weekend. justin has all important forecast and vittoria is live on the boardwalk in just a couple of minutes. new at 6:00 camden county man serving our country gets a special date to the marine core ball. >> rhonda rousey undefeated u.s.c. champion will be his date. as our alexandria hoff tells us she accepted his invitation via social media. >> reporter: there are some guys who find strong women intimidating, u.s. marine jared hasher isn't one of them. >> i like tough girls, why not. >> reporter: 22-year old from stratford camden county proved just that, last month when he took to facebook with the bold
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request for ufc champion mma fighter randa rousey. >> you are my celebrity crush, like i love everything that you do and i think you are a phenomenal person, which is why i want to be my honor to take you to the marine core ball december 11th. >> reporter: his proposition achieved viral status before making it to rousey. while out in l.a. with friend this week rousey answered the big question. >> you are 100 percent sure she will go with the guy. >> i will totally go. >> reporter: we caught up via skype by where he is stationed in north carolina. >> what did you think when you saw her reaction. >> having music, that ferrell song, i'm so happy, or whatever it is, and i was dancing around my room. i could in the contain myself. >> i don't know how to hit him up. >> i have been in contact with one of her people and hopefully i will be able to get to her soon. >> reporter: so what is it about rhonda rousey. >> she's an american champion and i want to show her,
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celebrate her the marine core ball and show her what american warriors are like the. >> reporter: she's saying she goes but she needs dates for her girls. >> i have several calls from a bunch of my guys, i don't think that is a problem. >> reporter: we have a feeling that these fighters will all clean up well. alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> what a fantastic story. >> that is great you never know, social media. >> you never know what happened. >> we will have to catch up in december. >> i'm sure we will, that is great. major construction happening on the parkway but not for made in america or the world meeting of families. >> it is quite a sight to be scene. it is grand opening, of the knotted grotto at saints peter and paul. public arts installation is we've when 30,000 fabric strips, each with handwritten words of struggle. >> this is a way to share our streak also together, to find healing, and hope in them.
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these 30,000 plus knot came out of soup kitchens, home less shelters, recovery residents and prisons. >> and all visitors are planning their own knotted struggle and will remain up through end of the papal visit weekend. creators hope pope francis will stop by to bless it. hey, here we go, our final trip down the shore for the summer season. >> just in the right. >> i know it. >> i can't believe it. summer coming to a close. we're not ready. variety tore eyes not ready. she's live in ocean city right now, right. why the long face. >> turn that frown upside down. >> come on, you guys, i have to cheer myself up since we are sending you have avenue off our down the shore segment with a bang. we are live, in ocean city, new jersey right off of the boardwalk. we are here at george's on seventh and we are here with
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the owner, how are we doing here with all this wonderful ice cream around, bill. >> we're great, loving having you down here. >> thank you so much. so i was practicing with some of the girls. can we take a look at these girls. i want everyone to meet ladies behind the counter. they do a great job. maddie, stephanie and bren a there we go i remembered their name. maddie named one of the flavors candy land. you have some prime employees around here. >> we're always trying to come up with new flavors, something different, and getting more and more difficult. >> how many flavors do you have. >> we usually carry 46 but we are up to 54 in the middle of the season. >> we are adding another flavor, my producer joan told me. >> yes, we are. >> what do we have here. >> it is called cbs-3, we have check late, butter scotch and strawberry. >> you put that strawberry in there for me. >> wow. >> it looks amazing. we are happy to be here, so happy to be sending off. well, we are not happy about sending off things down the shore but you can be happy there are plenty of things to
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do, all weekend long to give summer the the proper send off. lets look at those things. first, if you are traveling out and about, to ocean city, a big ocean city tray digs happens tomorrow at 11:00. it is king and queen of plop contest to welcome the fall season. heading into wildwood, it is a block party at music festival on sunday at fox park. you can enjoy games, food, and all that fun stuff, and finally maybe venturing further south into cape may, it is a hoola scoop at congress hall, on sunday, a hoola scoop, you have one chance, to hoola hoop, three consecutive minutes to win a free ice cream sunday that happens between 6:00 and 8:00. talk about a great place for an ice cream sunday if you are in ocean city, we are leaving with you gorgeous brand new flavor here at george's, the cbs-3, i just don't want to say good bye. >> good bye, come to george's. >> i don't want to say good
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bye. >> well, say hello. >> say hello. >> you say good bye and i'll say hello. >> that ice cream looked fantastic. >> good bye, summer, good bye down the shore. >> vittoria, well done, good stuff. >> thank you so much, guys. >> that looks good. >> maybe we should dig into this, yes. >> bye, guys. >> they are here all week. >> see you back there. >> take care. see new a bit. >> so funny. it doesn't feel like summer is coming. >> it is hot out. >> we are in the middle of it. >> beach is still good after labor day. second season, crowds are gone, weather still warm, ocean still warm. we have sometime to yet. nothing to get depressed just yet. we have a hot forecast coming up still in the seven day forecast but we will take a break from the heat. but lets keep beach theme going. we have a live look from our neighborhood network.
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84 degrees. boardwalk thinning out. ocean looking calm, but this week the the ocean will get roughed up as wind kick off out of the north east. make sure life guards are on duty if you plan to hit the ocean. rip currents could be stronger on saturday. heat wave number five we will kick it up on sunday. we will hit a high of 96, to cap off this heat wave. back to the 80's tomorrow. ninety-four still at the airport. eighty-eight allentown. low to mid 80's in south jersey. it does get better. still somewhat humid tomorrow but pleasant for saturday and sunday, and then labor day more humid but still no that bad. storm scan three quiet over most of the region but cluster of stronger storms from the poconos in northern, northampton county, eventually bethlehem, nazareth, bath we will get in heavy downpours and watch out for localized flooding on the roads as that moves to the south. eventually should diminish over next hour or two
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releasing heating from the sun. cold front from the north. boston had a high of 79. out ahead of the front mid 90's. front comes through tomorrow. that brings in cooler ocean air. flow develops out of the east to north east and that is why temperatures get income down. to the evening, maybe shower or storm, lehigh valley. that diminishing tomorrow. scattered showers do pop up in the afternoon. good news we do need some rain but not everybody sees a shower. back to saturday we are hoping it is a full sunshine especially through much of the delaware valley, cloud lingering in south jersey and delaware. pennsylvania partly cloudy warm and humid. friday's forecast afternoon scattered storm possible otherwise partly sunny, cooler 86 degrees. labor day forecast full sunshine through weekend on monday. high near 90 for philadelphia lower 80's at the shore and in the poconos the extended forecast, three days of 80's, mid 80's with lower humidity for weekend and sunshine. we are backup to 90 on monday. lower 90's on tuesday and wednesday with some more
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humidity, and so that could potentially be our sixth heat wave of the season so we are not done just yet. >> no, we're not. >> stand by. >> thanks, buddy. >> we will be right back.
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we have a half an hour away from the start of the eagles preseason game against the jets. >> leslie van arsdal is live in east rutherford new jersey with the eagles and leslie, this is an important game for a lot of the guys out there tonight. >> it sure is, one more to go, before it counts all of the guys out here on the field, as we speak, and, for many of these players if you see them this is their last chance to prove to chip kelly they deserve to make the cut. i caught up with merrill reese to find out what he is looking for tonight. >> would i like to see bunch of young players vying in their last opportunities to nail down some roster spots, and a quick game, not a lot of
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penalties, and no injuries. >> now of course the bolt between tim tebow and matt barclay that has taken center stage here tonight. >> it has and i don't know how much we can read into it. we really don't know what chip kelly is thinking. if you really evaluating it as a quarterback battle, or does he have in his mind that there is a a package, that he is going to use for tim tebow. is this already set? we look at it on the surface and say matt barclay has had the edge in perform as a quarterback, passer during this preseason but if barclay really lights it up, it will help his chances. >> and then you have tim tebow that has that x factor. >> he has that x factor but x plus nothing equals nothing last week in the two-point conversion that is he tried. i'm anxious to see if the eagles score do they try two again and see if tebow can
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engineer that two-point conversion. that would help his case. >> so as far as a fourth priest season dos goes, thinks exciting. battle takes center stage we sees one key starter play for the first time kiko alonzo. i know fans are looking forward to seeing him. i'm looking forward to seeing him. so guys for a fourth preseason game this is not a bad one. back to you ukee and jessica. >> can i a say would i love to hear merrill just read the dictionary, anything, read the dictionary. merrill reese my man. dictionary. merrill reese my man. just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at you'd do that for me? really? yeah i'd like that. who are you talking to? uh, it's jake from state farm. sounds like a really good deal. jake from state farm, at three in the morning? who is this? it's jake from state farm.
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the road to hell is paved with good intentions. mr. president, we know you tried to make a good deal with iran. whose leaders stone women, hang homosexuals, sponsor mass terrorism, scream for the destruction of israel and death to america. so, what if you're wrong? and they can't be trusted? senator casey, don't trust iran. vote this down.
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and, finally tonight, it is back to schooltime and some children started to day. >> cbs-3 cameras at the whitman elementary school in turnersville, new jersey, this morning, the adorable kids are returning for a new year work new backpacks, new gear, ready to go, and we want to say to all of the students and teachers out there we hope you have a great year, learn a lot, and have fun. >> enjoy. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on wpsg the cw philly and we are back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, cbs opening news. tonight tom brady will play in next weeks patriots game after the judge tossed out his suspension. ana warner has reaction to the decision in boston. here now is scott pelley. take care family, we will see you tonight.
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>> pelley: the kentucky county clerk goes to jail for refusing to give marriage licenses to gay couples. also on the broadcast, the refugee boy who captured the heart of the world. now we know his name and his story. trump makes peace with the g.o.p. >> i have signed the pledge. >> pelley: a judge lifts tom brady's suspension, but that game's not over. and the laundromat man who talks bad guys into giving up. >> fellas, you're all an embarrassment to every criminal with a brain. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: rowan county, kentucky, could be the last front in a losing battle against same-sex marriage. today, two months after the u.s.


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